Jim Carrey Wears Prosthetic Feet, Tiny Wings To Oscars Party

While some people are scratching their heads over the Oscar awards, others undoubtedly scratched their head over Jim Carrey’s choice of extended attire at Elton John’s Oscar party.

Comedian and new Incredible Burt Wonderstone star, Carrey, decided to show up to the Oscar party wearing gigantic feet, and tiny wings on his back. Why? Well, we don’t have the answer for that, but with someone like Carrey, you rarely have to.

The Oscar nominated actor wore the get up to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. Right before the party, Carrey warned people (sort of) by tweeting to his followers about his whereabouts for the night and attire tweeting:

“Goin’ to Elton’s party. Great cause! Wearing the perfect outfit to express my awkward spiritual journey. ;^}”

Among those who were able to mingle with Carrey in his strange attire were Steven Tyler, Dave Grohl, Randy Jackson, and the one and only Elton John. We wonder what Elton John’s reaction was to Carrey’s gigantic feet and tiny wings. Maybe he’s used to that sort of thing from the comedian?

Either way, Jim Carrey seemed to have a grand ole time. After he capped off the night at Elton’s Oscar party, the star tweeted afterwards:

“Elton’s party was fun. My big feet and little angel wings were an expression of my somewhat awkward spiritual journey. I’m a #Strangel. O;^P”

Carrey’s choice of attire proved to be something worth talking about. Most members of the media recognized Carrey’s feet weren’t just gigantic, but rather “Hobbit feet,” which the comedian later confirmed they were not via an emoticon on Twitter.

What do you think of Jim Carrey’s Oscar outfit?