May 7, 2019
New True Crime Series Titled 'Florida Man' Will Detail The Serial Killers Of The Sunshine State

It is no secret that the Sunshine State has some of the strangest and wildest news stories. Unfortunately, there are many of those stories that are related to true crimes and some that end up as murders. Blumhouse Pictures and Oxygen has decided to work together on a brand new crime series which will bring those tales into the spotlight and reveal the terrifying actions of Florida Man.

Deadline revealed nearly a dozen new series projects coming from the Oxygen Network as the true crime love of audiences continues to grow. Owned by NBC-Universal, the network has become one that details some of the most gruesome and intriguing true crime stories to ever take place.

While many of the new series look interesting, the working title of one stands out in particular due to the popular meme which often makes the rounds on social media. At times, the memes are humorous, but there is a much more sinister side to the suspects often listed simply as "Florida Man."

Murder is always going to be horrific, no matter which way you look at it, but sometimes, it is also bizarre. The description of Florida Man details how some murders are so over-the-top and outlandish that they appear to be only possible from the mind of a Hollywood screenwriter, but in this case, they're true.

In the case of "Florida Man," most of those on social media think of that phrase when connected with a stupid crime of some sort. While that is true most of the time, Oxygen's new series is going to focus on the true crimes of serial killers throughout the state of Florida.
"With access to Florida investigators and prosecutors, this series zeroes in on America's most notorious, outrageous, craftiest killers from the Sunshine State. The series will unravel the strange twists and turns and try in vain to reason how and why this breed of killers took their crimes to levels beyond comprehension."
Blumhouse Television and Man vs. Robot will work together to bring the series to Oxygen. Jason Blum and Marci Wiseman will executive produce from the Blumhouse side of things while Sergio Villa and Danny Villa will be the executive producer representatives from Man vs Robot.

There is no start date for Florida Man as of yet, but hopefully, there will be more information soon. Some of the other series titles revealed for the Oxygen Network are:

  • The Jane Doe Murders
  • Exploited
  • The DNA of Murder
  • The Lover's Lane Murders
  • Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project
  • Truth & Justice: The West Memphis Three