Devin Brugman Helps Pal Natasha Oakley Fix Her Thong In Racy, Bikini-Clad Instagram Update

Romain MauriceGetty Images

Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley — Bikini A Day founders, and real-life best friends — have each other’s back on everything. They frequently share the burdens of their business, their different modeling ventures, and — apparently — wardrobe malfunctions. In a recent Instagram post, Brugman shared that she had helped fixed Oakley’s bikini bottom, one that had gone astray. The sizzling snapshot of the candid moment was distributed by the bikini model to her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

The duo both wore bronze-colored bikinis for the snap, and in typical fashion, they both opted for slightly different styles. Brugman wore a thicker pair of bottoms that sat on her hips, bringing the focus to her curvy thighs and chiseled midsection. She paired these bottoms with a thin-banded top which featured a dramatic, plunging neckline — one that emphasized her buxom chest and put her ample cleavage on full display.

Oakley went completely topless for the snap, much to the delight of her ever-growing fan base, and chose thong-style bottoms. Brugman seemingly had a hand in getting those bikini bottoms straightened out for Oakley. Oakley had her back to the camera as she stared off into the gorgeous crystal-blue waves, and she covered her most delicate assets with her hand.

Brugman wore her hair in damp, beach-babe waves that cascaded over her sun-kissed body. As she put one foot in front of the other, she showed off her long, lean legs. Her stems were bronzed from soaking up the sun.

Oakley chose to cover her platinum-colored ringlets with a large oversized hat. She also sported skimpy bikini bottoms which put her full booty at the center of the sexy photo.

Both women are well known for their bikini-clad bodies, and for updating their fans on their whereabouts when hitting the beach. Yesterday, they went twinning once again — wearing the same bronze-hued suits but in different styles — as Brugman shared, via Instagram. Oakley opted for a little more coverage this time, wearing a conservative yet sexy one-piece swimsuit. Her pal, Brugman, showed off her endless curves in a skimpy bikini with a little less coverage than she normally wears.

Both Brugman and Oakley are in Bali, and Brugman’s been making her followers jealous by showing off some behind-the-scenes footage of their five-bedroom villa to her Instagram Story. Situated on a cliff overlooking the crashing waves, the bikini models and a handful of their pals are enjoying their vacation in style. They’ve had breakfast in bed, dips in the infinity pool, and they’ve bellied up to their own private bar.

While getting ready for a night out at the resort, Brugman and Oakley got together to do a little bit of singing. Brugman shared a hilarious video of the duo messing up the lyrics and laughing loudly, proving that they do, indeed, pepper in a little fun with all of their hard work.