Giada De Laurentiis Files Restraining Order Against Stalker Claiming To Be Father Of Her Child

David LivingstonGetty Images

Giada De Laurentiis is the latest celebrity to take legal action against a deranged fan.

According to The Blast, the Food Network star has been dealing with the obsessed fan for quite some time now, even hiring a private investigator last May to help investigate the matter. According to the report, the messages from the unnamed man started coming in through De Laurentiis’ website and at first, they were harmless. But in March of 2018, things took a twisted turn when the messages from the fan kept getting weirder and weirder.

“I have loved you since the first day I ever met you and I haven’t stopped…. I love you with all of my heart and soul, even still – I have never met a woman more beautiful than you – both inside and out,” the stalker wrote to Giada.

The man then went on to claim that he was the biological father of Giada’s daughter Jade and even claimed that the celebrity chef sent him a $150,000 check because of their relationship. The fan then took his online stalking to another level and met Giada in person at a book signing in Los Angeles where he made a scene and demanded to speak to the mother of one alone. Security at the book store ended up intervening and that’s when Giada enlisted the help of a private investigator, who contacted the fan. He again professed his love to De Laurentiis on the phone.

When the PI spoke with the man, he told him that the situation would be escalated to authorities if he continued to contact Giada. But despite the private investigator threatening to take legal action, the man remained unfazed and continued to contact the Food Network star, still claiming to be the father of her daughter.

A few more emails were sent to Giada over the next few months —with the stalker begging to meet Giada again in person to chat. That’s when the 48-year-old decided that enough was enough, and she filed for a temporary restraining order on behalf of herself and her daughter to help keep the man away.

“Given the fact Respondent continued to send messages through my website, claims to be the father of my child, showed up to confront me while working in a public place demanding to speak with me alone, it became apparent that he was stalking me,” De Laurentiis said in a statement.

Shortly after the petition was filed, a hearing was held but both De Laurentiis and her attorney failed to show up to court and the temporary restraining order was dropped. No word yet as to why Giada and her lawyer were no shows or if they will continue to pursue the charges.