WWE News: Former Champion Reveals He Turned Down Huge Money Contract, Reveals Last WWE Date


A number of superstars have left WWE over the last few months by not signing new contracts, and others have asked for their outright release. With the creation of All Elite Wrestling back in January, there are even more places for wrestlers to continue their careers. One former multi-time champion has now revealed that he’s on his way out of WWE, and he even turned down a big money contract on top of it.

Longtime WWE veteran and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Rhyno recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet, per a YouTube post, about his career and numerous other topics. He did reveal that his time with the company is almost done as his contract expires this summer, and he’s already turned down a deal to re-sign.

“They actually offered me more than twice my downside, but it wasn’t where they would have to use me…because the downside is so large. It wasn’t about money. It was about me wanting to be on the road working and helping the young guys. Kind of like a player-coach.”

It’s not like this is a huge surprise as Wrestling Inc. reported earlier this month that Rhyno had started taking independent bookings. It has even been revealed that he will be heading back to IWC at some point, but an exact date is not yet known.

Rhyno did tell Van Vliet that his final date with WWE is July 17. He went on to say that the split was a “mutual understanding,” which has left nothing bad to be said about the other on either side. He has had a lot of fun, but Rhyno wasn’t prepared to just sit at home and earn a paycheck.

“I was afraid that they would say yes to a larger downside than what they offered me because I was afraid that they would still sit me at home. It’s not that they don’t like me, there is a lot of talent there and they have to cycle the talent which is normal because you want to get men and women out there to work.”

He went on to say that he was scared that they’d want to pay him and have him simply stay off of TV or out of the ring. While the money would be nice, Rhyno isn’t yet prepared to stop wrestling.

Rhyno hasn’t been seen much on WWE television since losing a “Loser Gets Fired Match” to former tag team partner Heath Slater. The former multi-time tag team champion said he simply wants to be on the road and wrestle since he’s still blessed with good health and able to work.

Rhyno and Heath Slater head to the ring during their time as a tag team.
Featured image credit: WWE

When it all came down to it, Rhyno’s decision to leave WWE had nothing to do with money as he was offered a rather big contract. The fact of the matter is that he wants to still be on the road, and there are companies out there which will allow him to do that. He will end up on the independent scene for a while, but it’s not out of the question to see Impact Wrestling, New Japan, Ring of Honor or even All Elite Wrestling give him a look.