‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Camryn Grimes Explains Daytime Emmys Gown Choice

Francis SpeckerCBS

The Young and the Restless star Camryn Grimes teased fans last week, adding a poll to her Twitter feed.

She asked fans to vote on the color of her gown for the Daytime Emmys. The choices were green, blue, white, and pink. While fans mostly voted for green and blue, the Mariah Copeland actress absolutely stunned in a gorgeous one-shoulder white gown by Pia Gladys Perey.

Grimes looked like a stunning Greek goddess in her dress as she celebrated Y&R‘s 10th Daytime Emmy win for best drama at the CBS Daytime after party. She took to Twitter to reveal her gown and its color, and then later, she explained her reasoning for having chosen white.

Grimes tweeted, “So the reason I chose white… My two younger siblings are getting married this year (one already) as well as 745967 other people I know and well… I just kinda wanted my moment in white. Lol.”

The actress certainly made a stunning statement with the white gown, and the dress did not look bridal in any way.

Grimes’ followers chimed in with some wonderful words of encouragement and approval.

One wrote, “Rockin’ that color and then looking like a true Goddess! You invented the color white.”

One fan also wondered why Grimes had felt the need to justify her color choice.

“Why are you explaining yourself to people?” said fan asked.

While Grimes didn’t reply, it seemed like she wanted to follow up on her successful poll post from last year — giving fans some insight into her thought process at the same time. The Inquisitr reported that on Sunday, Grimes had some funny, tongue-in-cheek advice regarding how to prepare for such a big evening. Despite all of her last-minute preparations and stresses on Sunday, Grimes certainly pulled her look together. She was stunning in the pictures and videos shared from the celebratory evening.

On the show, Grimes’ alter ego, Mariah, is dealing with some threatening text messages and notes. So far, she has no clue as to who is sending these messages, but they have her on edge. On yesterday’s show, she even confronted a man at Crimson Lights who was staring at her.

However, one Twitter account suggested a possible motive for the awkward moment. They wrote, “Mariah, maybe the dude was hoping you’d wait on him, given that you were behind the counter?”

While some fans ran with the idea, others agreed with Mariah that he was absolutely creepy, and had ill intentions.