‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 Part 2, Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap: Eren, Survey Corps Finally Defeat Armored Titan

BagoGamesFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 2, which is titled “Thunder Spears,” featured the start of a battle between the Survey Corps and the Marleyan Warriors at the Shiganshina District. Erwin Smith decided to make observations before making any move, hoping to prevent himself and his allies from falling into the enemy’s trap. However, Levi Ackerman noticed that Reiner Braun, who transformed into the Armored Titan, is preparing to climb the wall by hardening his hands and toes. Erwin also realized that the Titan beside the Beast Titan — one that is carrying luggage — is not an ordinary Titan, but rather an intelligent one.

Warchief Beast Titan commenced the attack by sending the small Titans inside the Shiganshina District. Their main goal is to kill all of the horses that will ostensibly be used by the Survey Corps in order to escape. Erwin immediately sent squads to protect the horses, and he gave Levi one specific task. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2, Episode 2 revealed that Levi is the one who is set to kill the Beast Titan.

Erwin believes that Levi is the only member of the Survey Corps who is capable of beating the Beast Titan in a one-on-one battle. Meanwhile, though Eren Yeager is the main target of their enemies, Erwin decided to use him as bait. Eren tried to get the attention of Reiner by transforming into the Founding Titan. The latest episode of Attack on Titan featured the rematch between Eren and Reiner.

Eren can now use the hardening ability, which allows him to penetrate Reiner’s armor. After beating him once, Eren is very confident that he can do so a second time. However, in Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2, Episode 2, it was revealed that Eren won’t be fighting the Armored Titan alone. While the Founding Titan and the Armored Titan were busy fighting each other, the squad led by Hange Zoe were positioning themselves — hoping to attack Reiner using the Thunder Spears.

Thunder Spears are weapons developed to combat the stout defense of the Armored Titan, using technology formerly kept quiet by the Interior Police. Though challenging to wield, these weapons can deliver concentrated blows — something comparable to a strike of lightning. The Thunder Spears proved to be very effective against the Armored Titan.

After blinding the Armored Titan, the Survey Corps decided to attack its nape, where Reiner is located. The combined attacks made by Jean Kirstein, Sasha Braus, and Connie Springer succeeded in destroying the Armored Titan’s defense. For the finishing blow, Hange’s squad went all out, completely defeating the Armored Titan.