Joy Corrigan Goes Almost Completely Naked In Instagram Updates

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Maxim model Joy Corrigan sent pulses racing with two very racy pictures shared on Instagram.

The model, who is at 1 Hotel Central Park in New York, took a snapshot where she poses almost completely nude, save for a skimpy pair of light-colored panties. Her only other accessory is a pair of stunning statement earrings; her makeup is a simple smoky eye look. It appears that the model might just have been in the bath as she wears her hair up in a towel.

The picture has won high praise, with nearly 24,000 likes in total and over 230 comments.

Joy then posted a second update from her time at 1 Hotel — this time with her sister, Gina Corrigan. In the four-picture posting, the pair are again lounging by the window and sport matching gray robes. However, Joy’s robe is open in the front, exposing her black caged bra. She is also reading a magazine titled The Field Report.

The second picture in the series is a close up of her sister, who stares straight ahead while wearing a black-patterned sports bra by Victoria Sport. She wears no makeup and lets her wavy brown hair fall naturally at her shoulders.

In the third picture, Joy lounges once more against the window, but this time on her stomach while reading her magazine. She wears the same panties and statement earrings as in the earlier picture, but this time has added on a matching balconette bra. Her blonde hair is side swept as she pouts at the camera.

The last picture is another one focused on Joy, in which she poses topless, using her Field Report magazine to protect her modesty.

The quadruple update was well received, with nearly 15,000 likes earned in 24 hours.

To keep her body in killer shape, Joy told Galore magazine that she adheres to the high-fat, low carb Ketogenic diet.

“It definitely is a challenge to stay in shape while juggling such a hectic career! I try to work out at least once a day, and eat a super clean, ketogenic (high fat, low carb), plant-based diet. I’ve also found that focusing on adding as many nutritious fiber-rich fruits and vegetables helps to keep my energy levels high and my cravings away!”

However, the South Carolina native also talked about another way other than food and fitness that helps keep her body toned.

“Cryotherapy and ice baths are another way that I like to burn extra calories, lower inflammation from my shoots and work outs, or just to give me that extra kick of energy throughout the day!”