Paris Hilton Goes Practically Nude On Instagram In Outfit Made Of Strings Tied Together

Paris Hilton shared a brand new Instagram GIF that showed her going practically nude in an interesting outfit. She added an interesting filter to the video, which made it look as though her outfit was melting off her body. Paris stood with her legs apart and her back facing the camera, as she sported an outfit that was comprised of tons of strings that tied in a bow on the back of her arms and legs. She placed her hands together, and perhaps her hands were tied behind her back, but it's hard to know for sure. Her hair was slicked back and worn down, as Paris exuded a bit of a gothic vibe with black lipstick.

In addition, Hilton shared another photo earlier today where she sported a leather bikini set. The top was structured with straps, while the bottoms were high-cut. She Photoshopped herself laying on top of the side of planet Earth, with the moon in the backdrop. A sparkly filter made it look as though stars were falling down the photo from the sky. This update has been viewed over 402,000 times in the past 13 hours. Paris had a serene look in the photo, as she looked down and placed her hands on her head. Her hair looked great too, wearing it in loose waves. Her Chanel bracelet was also clearly visible on her left wrist.

Previously, Paris opened up to Girlfriend Magazine about her growth from being a party icon, TV personality to a businesswoman.
"I love pink and I love sparkles, I always will I'm very girly in that way... but I also dress more elegant these days. I'm more of a business woman."
Hilton also spoke about her beauty preferences.
"I love lashes, I think it's really beautiful to put on fluttery lashes. I love wavy hair and lip gloss."
"Unicorn mist, an eye cream, DNA serum, neck cream, face cream, exfoliating mask, clay mask... it's going to be a full collection," she added, discussing upcoming products that she was planning on releasing under her brand.

Many of Paris' well-known products are based around her fragrances, but her empire also includes clothing.

And when she was asked what she would tell her teenage self, this is how Paris responded.

"To be not so naive of people and not so trusting."
Of course, it's hard to know who she's thinking of when she made this comment, but it's good advice for many people.