Emily Ratajkowski’s Chest Is Barely Contained In Daring Met Gala Dress

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

The stars, and boobs, came out for the 2019 Met Gala. This year’s “Camp” theme emphasized exaggerated garbs and many women took to the red carpet to bare their best assets in daring ensembles. Emily Ratajkowski is one of those women who decided to go for an exaggerated outfit, as the actress walked the red carpet wearing a dress which barely contained her breasts, while also showing off her taut abs.

Emily has never been one to shy away from the extreme when it comes to fashion, and the model definitely has no issue showing off her large chest. The 27-year-old often poses naked on her Instagram page and barely covers her chest with her arms, so her Met Gala look is actually more conservative than her followers are used to. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Emily wore a Dundas dress which featured a halter neck and plenty of cut-out accents.

The dress was complete with a small train and sheer silhouette. Almost as impressive as Emily’s dress and cleavage was her headpiece, which may or may not have been stolen from Cher. The extravagant piece featured large white butterfly wings on either side of Emily’s ears with gold chains which dangle down past her chin.

As noted by Bazaar, Emily’s dress was almost the perfect combination of several Cher looks from the past, with her winged headpiece even resembling one of the singer’s iconic looks.

Underneath the headpiece, Emily had her hair slicked back with a part straight down the middle of her head. Once outside of the headpiece, Emily sported long, wavy extensions which cascaded down her back.

No matter how incredible her outfit and hair was for the evening, all eyes were definitely on Emily’s chest and one-of-a-kind tummy. The model is almost as famous for her abs as she is for her breasts, and has single-handedly made the outie belly button sexy.

Some of Emily’s fans took to Twitter to complement the amazing outfit, while others compared her to a certain Pokémon character.

“Emily Ratajkowski’s #MetGala look ALMOST convinced me to order a salad for dinner instead of grilled cheese,” one fan tweeted.

“Yesss giving me Vaporeon from Pokémon vibes [Emily Ratajakowski]!!!” another Twitter user shared.

Other daring looks from the Met Gala included busty dresses from Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, and Lady Gaga. It’s definitely one of the most extravagant fashion nights the gala has ever seen and will certainly go down in history.