JibJab 2009 Year in Review

Duncan Riley

The boys from JibJab are back with their annual year in review, and what a rich pool of content they had to work with this year.

The JibJab 2009 Year in Review highlights the highlights (or should that be lowlights) from 2009, with a theme you'll see a lot in the media this week: 2009 sucked.

Celebrities making an appearance included Balloon Boy, John and Kate, Octomom, Carrie Prejean, Sarah Palin and even keyboard cat. The tea baggers get mentioned, along with the economic crisis, Obama's first year as President, and more.

There was so much they could have used but didn't, so they recognized the stuff they missed in a montage before the end.

The JibJab 2009 Year in Review video as follows: