Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Jen Schefft Waterman: Living A Low-Key Life In Ohio With Her Husband & Daughters

Stephen ShugermanGetty Images

Monday night on ABC, fans of The Bachelorette will get to watch an epic reunion show. Twelve of the franchise’s former leads got together recently to film the special and viewers will get updates on what everybody is doing now. Unfortunately, two ladies were unable to participate in the reunion filming and fans will surely be curious to know more about what both Jen Schefft Waterman and Meredith Phillips are doing now.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, host Chris Harrison said that ABC tried to include all 14 former leads, but he noted that it became impossible to find a date that worked for everybody. Ultimately, they had to choose a date and apparently everybody but Jen and Meredith were able to participate. Neither Jen nor Meredith is active on social media, and neither has spoken out about the special.

Viewers will remember Jen from Season 3 of The Bachelor when she received Andrew Firestone’s final rose. The two were engaged for a while, but after they split, she went on to be the lead on Season 3 of The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out well for Jen during that season and she left reality television remaining single.

Schefft returned to the Chicago, Illinois, area after doing The Bachelorette. Then, according to Cleveland Magazine, she ended up going on a blind date that led to an engagement.

Jen married public relations executive Joe Waterman in May 2009. Since their wedding, Jen and Joe have gone on to have two daughters, Mae Elizabeth and Charlotte Grace.

The Waterman family remained in the Chicago area for seven years together, but they moved to Northeast Ohio in the fall of 2017. Jen was originally from Mentor, Ohio, and now the family seems to be settled and content to be away from living a public life.

Schefft Waterman doesn’t have much of a social media profile. Her Twitter page hasn’t been updated since December 2017, and the former Bachelorette star hadn’t posted very often since the summer of 2014. Her profile notes that she still works as a public relations specialist and says that the family lives in the suburbs of Cleveland.

Jen had remained somewhat connected to The Bachelor world for a while after her seasons, and she even did a Suave hair commercial that aired on the show a few years ago. Now, however, it looks like Schefft Waterman is focused on her family and her private life and is content leaving the opportunity to be in front of the cameras to others in the franchise.

As for Meredith Phillips, she has stayed far away from social media and television cameras. She has opened up in recent years about a battle with alcoholism and an assault she says she endured while filming The Bachelorette, and as ABC News shared several years ago, she reportedly married her high school sweetheart in 2013.

Up next for The Bachelorette is Hannah Brown, and her journey to find love premieres on Monday, May 13.