Lady Gaga Makes A Huge Impact With Four Looks At The Met Gala Red Carpet, Fans Go Wild

If anyone can make an impact like this on a red carpet, it's Lady Gaga.

The fashionable megastar is known for her wild and impactful red carpet looks and has ruled the pop world for over 10 years now. Tonight, she turned up to the 2019 Met Gala event with not just one, two, or three looks but with four looks on the red carpet. Why? Because she's Lady Gaga.

The Independent reported that this year's theme is "Camp: Notes on Fashion." The event is taking place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

In Gaga's first look on the carpet, she wore a barbie pink colored gown which she accessorized with a huge pink bow to match. The outfit was very loose and covered her whole entire body from her neck to her feet which suggested there was something else to see underneath it all. Her eye makeup was very eye-catching and extravagant as the "Born This Way" hitmaker had gold over the top lashes coming off of her face. Her hair was in a short blonde bob for every look that was revealed.

The first outfit opened up into a jet black dress that went down to the floor. Gaga looked absolutely stunning and posed with an umbrella that was the same color as the outfit. The garment was sleeveless and strapless therefore it shows off her artistic tattoos well. It was a very sophisticated and classy number.

If you thought her surprises stopped there, then think again. Gaga's third look saw the "Poker Face" chart-topper wear another bright pink number. This time, in a slim silky dress. She applied her lipstick that matched the dress while posing for the cameras to give the situation a tongue in cheek effect. She wore big black sunglasses with jewels on them and had a huge old fashioned phone in her hands acting all fun. Lady Gaga knows how to make sure every eye is on her and only her.

If that wasn't enough, she took off the dress and wore skimpy black underwear set with fishnet tights over the top. Her shoes, which weren't seen until the fourth and final look, were insane. We're not sure how many inches tall those black heels are, but Gaga must have been looking giant on that carpet.

All her clothes were representing designer Brandon Maxwell who she posed with after the fourth reveal.

Without any surprise, Gaga made a huge impact on social media with these killer looks. Her "Little Monsters" went crazy and shared their appreciation for the icon.
Jameela Jamil took to Twitter to expressed how blown away she was by her.

"Bloody hell... @ladygaga wore FOUR outfits in 15 mins to the Met Gala. This is dedication beyond anything I've ever seen. Zero f***s given. Job done. Mic dropped," she shared with her followers.

Over 10 years in the game and Gaga is still making more impact than ever.