‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer’s Kids Weigh In On Her Split From Boyfriend Jason Jordan, Say He ‘Hogged’ Her


Leah Messer’s three daughters are happy about their mom’s latest split.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, shared by Pop Culture on May 6, Messer is seen telling her producer that she’s sure her kids will “be fine” with her breakup before her 9-year-old daughter, Aleeah, accuses Jason Jordan of “hogging” her mom.

“He hogged me?” Messer asks. “Like he was trying to take me away from you?…No one can ever take me away from you ever, ever, ever.”

Messer and Jordan went public with their relationship last year during a trip to the beach with Messer’s kids and proceeded to share a number of happy photos of one another on social media in the months that followed before spending the holidays as a family at Jordan’s home. However, while the couple appeared to be working well as a unit, fans now know their romance wasn’t quite as picture-perfect as it appeared to be on Instagram.

Although Messer is currently single, she made it clear to her daughters in the preview clip that she will eventually settle down with someone new.

“As you know, mommy’s not with you guys’ dads, so I’m going to date around,” she explains. “I’m not going to be single forever, because one day you guys are going to grow up, and I don’t want to be that single cat lady while you guys are out at college doing your thing.”

Following Messer’s revelation, her youngest daughter, 5-year-old Adalynn, suggested she get married, again, to her father, Jeremy Calvert, whom she split from in 2015. Unfortunately for Adalynn, Messer quickly shoots down the idea and reminds her daughter that she’s already tried that.

During an interview with Us Weekly magazine in April, Messer confirmed the end of her relationship with Jordan and slammed their romance as “toxic.” She then suggested that Jordan may not have been dating her for the right reasons and said that being a reality star makes dating quite challenging.

Messer and Jordan’s relationship has been featured throughout the ninth season of Teen Mom 2, and in the years prior, she spotlighted both of her marriages. As fans will recall, Messer first married her twins’ dad, Corey Simms, and one year after their divorce, she tied the knot for a second time with Calvert.

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