'Barbie Doll' Abby Dowse Busts Out Of Impossibly Tiny Bikini In 'Up Close' Instagram Picture

Blonde bombshell Abby Dowse appears to be making the most of her healthy tan.

May 6 brings fans two updates in the space of 24 hours – the Australian model updated her account twice as the U.S. slept. The pictures are showing plenty of sunshine, plenty of color, and plenty of cleavage. They also come in two formats. One shows this sun-drenched sensation shot from the leg up. The second appears to zoom in on Abby's core. Both, however, showcase an electric-green bikini with black piping.

With an outdoor setting of background palms, blue skies, and a nearby swimming pool, Abby's swimwear seems apt. As Abby soaks up rays, per the first picture's caption, she is seen seated on a poolside lounger. With her left hand resting on the chair and her right behind her neck, Abby is looking downward. Despite not flashing fans her smile, this model's "tan" and "bikini" hashtags suggest she is in her happy place. Fans appeared to give the first picture the thumbs-up. One left the following comment.

"Luv the tan and bikinis"
Likely anticipating a positive response, Abby obliged her fans with the second snap four hours after posting the first. It proved similarly popular with comments of "love it" and Dowse being called "such a babe."Abby has 1.3 million followers. Her "Barbie" moniker was documented by The Inquisitr last month. With slender proportions, long limbs, and the doll's signature blonde hair, the nickname seems fitting.Today's updates come with a shout-out to Fashion Nova. The affordable fashion brand is frequently donned by Instagram's rising models. However, Fashion Nova likewise collaborates with major stars. Cardi B has Fashion Nova collections.

"I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit" is a lyric from Cardi's "She Bad" track.

Little is known about Dowse. Her bio announces "sunshine" as making her "happy." That, in itself, seems obvious from Abby's frequently sunny updates. Many of Abby's pictures are, however, shot indoors. This selfie lover frequently dons girly lingerie for her fans – beady-eyed ones will have spotted Abby's penchant for thigh-high stockings or suspenders.

Abby appears to be acknowledged by her peers. Her Instagram account is followed by fellow models Madi Edwards, Jazmyne Wardell, Tarsha Whitmore, and Jessica Sanders. Despite donning somewhat of a Hollywood look, Abby does not appear to follow the industry's major faces. While fellow models Rosanna Arkle and Taylor Mega are followed, no music or movie stars are. Dowse appears to follow Australian-based lifestyle and furniture accounts alongside Fashion Nova and other affordable clothing brands.