Busy Philipps Remains Hopeful That Canceled Talk Show ‘Busy Tonight’ Will Find A New Home

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Late last night, Busy Philipps took to Instagram to share that her popular talk show, Busy Tonight, had been axed from E!

As Page Six reported, Philipps updated her fans on the upsetting news, and added that the last episode of the series, which airs four nights a week, will be broadcast on May 16. Though getting her show cut from the late-night lineup has upset Philipps, she’s remaining hopeful that the show will be picked up elsewhere.

“We’ve talked to some people and we are trying to figure out if there’s a place that makes sense for our show to go to, and hopefully we will be able to figure that out. I think we will. I have faith in me. I hope that you know we can continue to do the show somewhere else,” Philipps shared.

The Dawson’s Creek alum added that — although the show had only aired for a relatively short period of time — she feels confident that she’s accomplished quite a bit both creatively and culturally. She elaborated to say that she’s both proud of herself and of her beloved show, believing that despite the cancellation, Busy Tonight was a success.

Since the show’s premiere last October, Philipps has been joined by several famous faces — including Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Bell, and Michelle Williams. The show focused primarily on Philipps’ take on current events and pop culture, and her guests had a female-driven platform to promote their work — and to give their opinions on popular news stories. Comedic skits were peppered throughout the series to add some light flavor to the proceedings.

Philipps also added, in her lengthy video detailing the cancellation, that being a female late-night host was rare. She added, however, that having a nine-person, all-female staff was even more special.

“I hope that we figure that out, because it does seem lame that there would be just, like, just be one woman in late night at a time. But I don’t know. It’s crazy. I have truly the most amazing people that work with me, our staff is nine-person female [staff], it’s an office full of dope women who get it done.”

Page Six further shared that the show attracted a mostly female audience almost a decade younger — hovering around the median age of 43 –than its fellow late night, male-led shows.

Philipps promised her fans that she would keep them updated on the show’s status, and thanked them all for their support and love during this emotional time.