Kelly Clarkson Gives Update On Recovery From Emergency Surgery To Remove Appendix

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Kelly Clarkson has admitted she’s “not the best rester,” and the singer shared that she’s not having the easiest time recovering from the emergency surgery to remove her appendix. The surgery took place following the conclusion of her hosting duties at the Billboard Music Awards. As People shared, Clarkson took to Twitter to update her fans on her most recent health scare, and Clarkson wrote that she’s not quite the best at giving her body the rest and relaxation it needs to heal.

“Quick recap… recovering after surgery super duper sucks. Turns out I don’t ‘rest’ well (so bored),” the singer shared.

After hosting, and performing, at the 2019 BBMA’s, Clarkson rushed home after encountering what she described as crippling pain. She would later need to have her appendix removed. She shared that she had “broken down in tears after the show from pain,” and that she had worked through it to give fans and those tuning into the show her all. However, she couldn’t handle it anymore, once the show wrapped. She was rushed to the emergency room for surgery when she landed, and she’s now experiencing a sort of phantom pain around her incision.

“Pain meds make me feel a different kind of horrible 2 where I question if I’d just rather feel the pain instead & 2 out of the 3 scars feel as if Lord Voldemort is always near,” Clarkson added.

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Clarkson had been feeling ill for a week leading up to the popular event, and sources close to Clarkson told People that she was a pro when it came to the multiple costume changes and labor-intensive hosting duties that went into pulling off the epic night. She told producers that she was going to power through, despite how she was feeling. Those folks behind the scenes allegedly applauded her efforts, as no one tuning in — or sitting in the crowd — had any idea the kind of agony the “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer was truly wrestling with.

“Hosting an awards show is not an easy gig. For Kelly to pull it off — especially her incredible opening number — while in pain and knowing she was having surgery the next morning makes her an even bigger rock star,” executive producer of the BBMA’s, Mark Bracco, told People.

Despite feeling less than herself during the awards show, Clarkson looked stunning while she flaunted her incredible 37-pound weight loss. She has credited a clean-eating lifestyle for her weight loss, as Country Living revealed. After suffering from some thyroid-related health issues, Clarkson began her journey to eating cleaner and healthier. She has been able to drop some weight and stay off of her former medication thanks to her new lifestyle.