Jordyn Woods’ Cleavage Picture Launches Race ‘DNA’ Debate

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The comments section on Jordyn Woods’ Instagram is busy today.

On May 5, the model and former best friend of Kylie Jenner updated her Instagram. A simple snap showed Woods in a cleavage-flaunting blue jumpsuit. Jordyn was smiling and her caption gave a nod to the weekend. Stylish clothes did appear to launch comments related to the denimwear; however, they likewise generated a debate. Instagram now appears hell-bent on arguing about the color of Jordyn’s skin.

“Black excellence? Black excellence” was left as a comment by @djaksrefrigerator. Their words were replied to with the following.

“@djaksrefrigerator she said she’s black because she believes the American slave one drop rule. That’s the fact.”

The same user followed up, writing:

“Supporting the slave rules means you’re also supporting the slavery till this day.”

Other users jumped in with their opinions on whether or not Woods is black.

“Jordyn is black,” one wrote, adding:

“She has a biracial mother and fully blaxk [sic] father. That means the majority of her dna [sic] is black.”

Another user appeared to disagree, stating that Woods is not black. Jordyn has referred to herself as black. Her February 2019 Red Table Talk interview came with the following words, per Refinery29.

“They’re putting their focus on a young black woman who made a mistake, and not a mistake that’s worth public persecution.”

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The “black excellence” comment left by @djaksrefrigerator saw Woods called “biracial” and “mixed race” by other individuals. It likewise appeared to cause anger for one user who told @djaksrefrigerator that they needed “[educating].”

A back-and-forth over whether or not Woods is black also launched analogies.

For one user, the logic used by @djaksrefrigerator was akin to people not being black as a result of having parents who are biracial and fully black.

Last week, Jordyn updated her Instagram with a picture of herself and her sister. “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” was one of the most-liked replies to the picture. Last month, the model was showered with praise following her trip to Nigeria. As Times Live reports, Woods’ recent travels came complete with a quote regarding being a black woman.

“I understood for the first time what it’s like being a black woman in society – how we can be so disrespected. And nobody can really understand that extent until you have lived it,” Jordyn said.

Despite Jordyn referring to herself as black in an interview watched by millions, Instagram still seems unclear on this girl’s race. Jordyn has 9.7 million Instagram followers.