Iskra Lawrence Stuns In A Teeny Green Bikini That Shows Off Her Ample Derriere

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Iskra Lawrence first made waves by being a body-positive model, and once again she was not afraid to flaunt her enviable curves by posting two shots of herself in a teeny green bikini on Instagram while in Austin, Texas.

In the two photos posted to Instagram, the British native wears a simple olive green bikini, with a top that crisscrosses around the rib cage and mid-rise bikini bottoms. Her blonde hair is loose and slightly damp, and she went makeup-free. In the first picture, she smiles straight at the camera; in the second, she turns slightly to show off her ample derriere.

The pics won high praise from her 4.4 million followers. The first one earned nearly 300,000 likes, while the second got about 244,000.

In her caption, Iskra commented that Aerie, the intimates section of American Eagle, was changing the landscape of the industry by being so inclusive in their model choices. The brand has consciously chosen a wide range of models — in all sizes, shapes, and colors — to represent the “real” customer base.

Iskra also took pride in the fact neither her pictures nor any pictures used by Aerie, used any Photoshop or touch-ups.

Though the British beauty radiates confidence, she had previously admitted in an interview with Byrdie that she used to struggle a lot with self-acceptance.

“No, I definitely haven’t always felt confident,” she said. “Confidence is something that even when you think you have it figured out you can still have a day when you feel like you’ve lost it all and you can be in a really dark place.”

Iskra continued to explain that her method to feel positive and self-secure was, ironically, to focus on others.

“I now focus a lot of my time on self-care and figuring out what makes me happy and what makes me feel worthy, and I’ve found that honestly, it’s the more time I spend on other people—being there for my friends, giving out good energy—the more I feel value and worth.”

Iskra has commented in the past that she feels like working on body acceptance and positivity is a way of helping people, as she understands the struggles many girls — and boys — go through when dealing with the pressures of having a picture-perfect physique.

In addition to the bikini photos, Iskra also posted a picture of herself with boyfriend Philip Payne.

The cute couple, who matched in baby blue, were attending the wedding of friends Kelsey Cangelose and music artist Ben Al.