John Stamos Hopes To Hear This Song During The Jonas Brothers' Upcoming Tour

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up to embark on their first tour together in six years, and they're turning to fans to put together the set list for the event.

This weekend, Joe Jonas took to social media to ask what songs concert goers were hoping to hear during the band's "Happiness Begins Tour." The question elicited thousands of responses including, as Us Weekly noted, one from actor John Stamos.

"Forever!" the 55-year-old wrote in the comments section of an Instagram post from the 29-year-old musician questioning his 10.2 million followers about what songs they want performed during the band's reunion tour.

Fans of the trio will note that there has not yet been a track titled "Forever" on any of their albums, though the tune is definitely recognizable. In Season 4 of the popular 1990s sitcom Full House, Stamos' character, Jesse Katsopolis, serenades his on-screen wife, Becky Donaldson, played by Lori Loughlin, with the ballad during their wedding.

While a long shot, some may not find it surprising if Stamos' song -- or the actor himself -- makes an appearance during at least one of the shows of The Jonas Brothers' upcoming tour. For some time now, Stamos and Nick Jonas have been in an ongoing "feud" -- and at the last count, the ball is in the 26-year-old's court.

The hilarious back-and-fourth between the stars began when Nick took notice of Stamos' extensive collection of Jonas Brothers merchandise, which he's sported on more than one occasion. In March, the singer shared a snap on Instagram of himself wearing a black hoodie with a picture of John rocking his Jonas Brothers T-shirt, playfully writing in "It's your move @johnstamos" in the caption.Shortly after, the General Hospital alum shot back with his response. In a post to his own Instagram account, John was captured snoozing on a pillowcase that had a picture of Nick in his customized sweatshirt, and things didn't stop there. The "Jealous" singer one-upped his pal by putting Stamos's photo on a full size comforter.

Though the two were running out of bedding to customize, Stamos still found a way to take control of the "fight." Another Instagram post shared later in March showed the actor in the midst of getting Nick's face tattooed on his forearm.

Nick has yet to respond to John's over-the-top escalation of their "feud," but it seems that Stamos's enthusiasm for the upcoming Jonas Brothers tour -- and the request to hear his song at a show -- may be the perfect opportunity for him to do so.