Jasmine Sanders Poses Nude On A Bed In New Instagram Photos

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Jasmine Sanders is keeping her Instagram fans on their toes with a new post that has people talking. It showed Jasmine posing nude on a bed, as she covered herself up with various pillows. The model wore her hair slicked back in a high ponytail, as she accessorized with circular drop earrings. Her makeup was soft, featuring shades of pink. The bright pink blush popped and complemented her light pink lipstick. The model posed in an elaborate room, which had dark red velvet curtains and a headboard with intricate designs. On the wall was a portrait of a man, along with a hanging decoration to her left. The pillows on the bed all had paisley designs and were different shades of green.

The first photo showed Sanders sitting up with her arms crossed in front of her and pillows covering up her lower body. Her infinity tattoo on her right side was visible. the second photo, on the other hand, was zoomed out and showed more of her backdrop. It turns out that the room had high, vaulted ceilings with additional decors such as wall lighting, a plush brown leather chair, and a bookcase. Jasmine posed in a similar way as the first photo, except this time she sat up and hugged a pillow to censor herself.

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Mother of Dragons

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And yesterday, Jasmine shared a video selfie of herself lip-syncing to a song while making cute faces for the camera. At one point, she winked and kept moving to show different sides of her face. Towards the end, however, she can be seen laughing as she pulled back from the camera. It looked like she was wearing workout clothes, including a sports bra.

Previously, the model opened up to Vogue Arabia, which gave fans a closer look at her personality and life. In particular, she gave an inside look at her Instagram handle, which is “Golden Barbie.”

“Golden Barbie came about when I was in the early days of social media. My sister and I were trying to come up with a catchy screen name. My nickname was Goldilocks and my friends would say I looked like a Barbie doll so I combined the two and the name stuck.”

“I really love that social media gives me a direct connection with my fans. I can know almost instantly see everyone’s reactions and thoughts about my latest work. I love the give and take social media offers,” she added, noting how social media has helped her career thus far.