May 5, 2019
Farrah Abraham Posts Cleavage Video, Instagram Can't Decide If She's 'A Man' Or 'Pregnant'

Instagram seems to have it in for Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom OG star quit the television franchise in favor of a career in the adult entertainment industry back in March, per Cosmopolitan. Be it for her internet-circulated sex tapes, Photoshop accusations, poorly-received Instagram promotions, or general existence, this former cast member now finds herself the target for trolls.

A May 3 video posted to Farrah's Instagram appears to have launched more jabs. It shows Farrah swinging her hips side to side in a strappy, cleavage-flaunting dress. The material's leopard prints match a background wall showing hair extensions in various shades. While no mention is made of the false hair, Farrah's hashtags do acknowledge fashion brand, Pretty Little Thing – presumably, the dress is from the affordable label.

Praise-worthy comments did manifest from what appear to be dedicated fan accounts. Unfortunately for Farrah, they were contrasted by a series of hateful replies. One user wrote, "Have you noticed you're not in the same league as the women who are part of pretty little thing, give up." Harsher comments came with more brevity. One user wrote the following, "You're a man"

Another user queried whether the 27-year-old is expecting, as per their comment, asking, "Are you pregnant?"

"God I hate the internet bullying" came from a user appearing to have a touch more perspective compared to the slammers. "I have never and will never bring anyone down over the internet," they added. The "[bringing] down" they're referring to has been documented multiple times over the past days. Two days ago, The Inquisitr reported Instagram telling Abraham to "check into a mental institution." Four days ago, the same platform was calling this mother "transgender," per The Inquisitr.Admittedly, pregnancy isn't outside the realm of possibility. Farrah's former co-stars mostly come with multiple children. Earlier this year, Teen Mom OG star, Catelynn Lowell welcomed her third child. Likewise, a mother of three is Maci Bookout. Given, however, that Farrah is single and seemingly busy in her ventures, a pregnancy seems unlikely. While the user calling Farrah a "man" did not elaborate on their thoughts, their comment follows the appearance-based slamming that has become commonplace for Farrah.

Cosmetic surgery is something that Abraham has fully admitted to.

"I don't have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous!"
Farrah said in 2012 as E Online chronicled her "brand-new face." Last month, Farrah live-streamed her "butt injections," per a separate E Online report.

Questioning both her overall gender and whether she's pregnant, it would seem that Instagram is divided over Farrah Abraham. The Nebraska-born star has 2.2 million Instagram followers.