Internet Reacts To Viral Photos Of Alabama Infant With Measles

Measles is a highly contagious illness that experts believed to be eradicated in America nearly two decades ago thanks to the MMR vaccine. Measles, however, remains a trending topic on social media and across media outlets as waves of outbreaks continue to spread across the U.S.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has already confirmed over 704 cases of the disease this year. This being the highest number of confirmed cases since back in 1994. As the outbreak continues to get worse, health experts across the U.S. are urging parents to take their children in for vaccinations.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, the CDC has also started to encourage individuals who would have been vaccinated between the years of 1957 and 1989 to schedule a doctor's appointment to get a second dose of the vaccine. The CDC has made this request as the second dose of the vaccine was not available until after 1989.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the first case of the measles has been confirmed in the state of Alabama.

Posted on Twitter just a few days ago, pictures of 5-month-old Emma Peine have since gone viral accumulating just shy of 2,500 likes, 200 comments, and nearly 800 retweets.

Unsurprisingly, many who have taken to the comments of the viral tweet are having a hard time stomaching the photos of the sick little girl.

Some have echoed the photos are a prime example of why not getting a vaccine is selfish as it puts more than just the individual who chooses not to vaccinate at risk.

One Twitter user retweeted the photos before claiming the decision not to vaccinate should be considered abuse as it puts children too young to receive the vaccine at risk.

A second Twitter user expressed relief in their children being old enough to receive the vaccine during the recent wave of outbreaks.

"Heartbreaking, and completely preventable if people would just use their brains and vaccinate their children. And if they won't, then they need to keep their kids away from the public and this sweet baby," another Twitter user chimed in.

Some took to the comments looking for an update on how the little girl was doing with her battle against the measles. The FOX6 WBRC reporter confirmed the infant was improving with medical treatment.

While some opted to criticize the parents of the little girl, others quickly chimed in to clarify that the infant was not old enough to receive the MMR vaccine thus relying on heard immunity.