The portable Super Nintendo is yours for $700

Ebay seller retrospectator9 is offering you the chance to play Super Nintendo games on the move for the meager sum of $700. His one-of-a-kind custom built Super Nintendo portable is now up on Ebay, ready to make somebody’s life worth living again.

His plexiglass creation runs off of a Sony InfoLithium camcorder battery (with a full charge, it will run for around two hours) and features brightness and volume controls and a pair of speakers. The screen (viewable) is 5 inches across, and it weighs about 23 ounces. It’s probably not worth $700, but hey, it appeals to a lover of retro games like myself.

My only reservation with this otherwise excellent handheld?

“There are no “L” and “R” buttons, as they are rarely, if ever, used.”

“Rarely used”? Those two buttons were responsible for some classic moments in SNES gaming! Omitting them means no power sliding in Super Mario Kart, no aiming your gun in Contra, and no rolling your Arwing in Star Fox.

[Ebay, via That Girl’s Site]