May 5, 2019
Demi Rose Displays Booty In Stunning New Instagram Photo

Demi Rose Mawby is flaunting her famous curves on social media again. This time, the model is showing off a stunning photo of herself wearing a neon green dress.

On Sunday afternoon, Demi Rose took to her Instagram account to share a snapshot of herself putting her curves on display in the sexy, sheer dress.

Demi is seen standing on a marbled walkway with a swimming pool next to her. She dons a floor length dress, which boasts a thigh-high slit up the side to show off her gorgeous gams, and an open back to show off some serious skin.

The model dons a deep tan all over her body, and completes her look with a pair of strappy stiletto heels. Demi's long brown hair is parted down the middle and styled in loose, bouncy curls, which fall down her back.

Demi stands in front of a stunning home as she turns her back to the camera, making her curvy backside the focal point of the photo.

Mawby looks back at the camera with a sultry stare, and dons a full face of makeup for the snap. Demi rocks a bronzed glow on her face, and coral-colored blush on her cheeks. She sports darkened eyebrows and thick lashes, as well as a berry color on her lips for the modeling shot.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi Rose is no stranger to showing off her toned body on Instagram. The social media superstar currently boasts over 8.9 million followers on her account, and they love to see her stories and sexy snapshots.

Recently, Demi celebrated her birthday, and used Instagram to thank her friends and family for loving and supporting her, adding that she appreciated her fans for all of their kind words as well.

"[Twenty-four] today! I feel so happy, grateful to be here and blessed to have what I have. My friends, the love that's in my life and the support I have got given from you all along my years. I'm ready to take on another year and what it may bring. Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Love you guys," she told her fans in the caption of a sexy bikini photo.

Meanwhile, Demi's American fans are hoping that the model will make the move across the pond from the U.K. to the U.S., which she's been rumored to be considering, per The Sun.

Fans can see more of Demi Rose by following her on Instagram.