May 5, 2019
Kate Middleton's Tendency To Re-Wear Outfits Has Made Fans Love Her Even More

As the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Prince William, many look at Kate Middleton as someone who has it all. She is beloved by people around the world and gets to enjoy the many perks of being a member of the royal family. One of the most notable perks is, of course, the beautiful clothing and accessories. Middleton is a fashion icon and many in the fashion industry are always looking to her to see what new trend she'll pull off next. While being a duchess may allow her to have access to some of the finest designer brands in the world, Middleton doesn't always go for the most expensive item on the market. In fact, sometimes she shops within her own closet, according to Celebrity Cheat Sheet.

There are surely a multitude of designers tripping over themselves to offer Middleton a piece or two from their clothing line. Of course, if the duchess does wear your label to a public event, there is pretty much a guarantee that she'll be photographed in it. This is a sure way to bring publicity and honor to a designer's brand. In many cases, the gowns Middleton has worn to major celebrations such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding have sold out within hours.

Middleton typically dresses fairly traditionally, sporting elegant, sophisticated garments that are truly fitting for a princess. She's particularly keen on bright colored, modest gowns, and isn't one to show off too much skin. Her go-to look is often a classy, formal dress, with a matching overcoat, hat, and heels.

Rather than buying a completely new outfit for every single royal engagement, Middleton has been known to wear some of her clothing pieces more than once. While this is a fairly uncommon tendency for a member of the royal family, it has made the duchess even more beloved in the eyes of her fans because it shows that she is more down to earth. She's also been known to dress in the garments of less known designers. This is something designer Henry Holland has praised her for, according to Popsugar.

"We love Kate, she's gorgeous, she's a great ambassador for British fashion and the way that she chooses to wear not just established labels like Alexander McQueen but the way she also chooses to wear up-and-coming designers like Erdem and Christopher Kane.... Michelle Obama was the first person to really showcase design talent and put it on the world stage because she has that ability and I think Kate's doing a similar thing which is great and very exciting."