May 5, 2019
WWE's Carmella Flaunts Flawless Decolletage, Deep Cleavage In Skintight Bikini

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and talented women working with WWE at this point in time, Carmella -- real name Leah Van Dale -- has been known to play both a heel and a face during her stints in the squared circle. As famous for her feisty attitude and her sense of humor as for her hard-hitting ring tactics and dirty tricks, Carmella has become an iconic figure within the confines of the broader WWE universe, and her popularity seems set to grow. Currently boasting a substantial and impressive fan base numbering over 2.2 million Instagram followers and counting, Carmella is seeing her star rise on social media -- and beyond.

In her most recent image posted to the popular photo and video sharing platform, the wrestler can be seen striking a coy, confident pose while clad in a skintight bikini. The swimsuit boasts a white base and teal accents, and the clingy fabric hugs every inch of the WWE talent's body. A plunging neckline sees Carmella tease her audience with some major cleavage, and her flawless decolletage is also emphasized by her pose. The wrestler's flawless skin tone is emphasized against the stark white background and matching bikini, leaving little room for cosmetic error.

Carmella's signature tawny tresses are styled in a dramatic side part, cascading down past her neck and shoulders in long, loose waves. She sports a nude lip, and her perfectly white teeth are prominently featured. Her pretty eyes are framed by some eyeliner, long and luxurious lashes, and expertly shaped brows.

In the very brief caption attending the image, Carmella wished her most ardent devotees an enjoyable Sunday, adding a pair of sunny emoji for further emphasis. Her fans and followers certainly didn't mind that the wrestler kept things brief, as they quickly lavished over 55,000 likes and 800-plus comments on the bikini-clad snapshot in a matter of hours.

"I really missed you as a blonde," one satisfied supporter remarked, capping off the comment with a cat emoji.

"Noooo [sic] -- what happened to your natural hair colour?" a second fan quipped, providing a contrasting opinion.

"You look great no matter what hair color you have," a third admirer remarked, splitting the difference and laying the issue to rest.

The WWE superstar has been making headline recently for being the subject of some salacious rumors alleging that she had broken up Corey Graves' marriage. According to Fox News, Carmella flatly denied the rumors -- as did Graves. Graves would go on to offer a cryptic timeline of events as regarded the matter.

"The story that was making the rounds was not accurate... It was made out of anger and emotion and it wasn't what it looked like. I had been out of the house and living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation."