May 5, 2019
'Vida' Returns For Season 2 In May

The first official trailer for Vida Season 2 is here, and things are about to get a lot more interesting, according to a report from Vulture.

Vida was created by Tanya Saracho and premiered on May 6, 2018, on Starz. It follows the lives of two Mexican-American sisters, Emma Hernandez, played by Mishel Prada, and Lyn Hernandez, played by Melissa Barrera. The sisters couldn't be more different from each other, but they are forced to return home and work together to figure out their next steps after their mother dies. Upon arriving at their childhood neighborhood, the women discover that their mother, Vidalia, had secretly been living with her lesbian partner Eddy -- played by Ser Anzoategui -- for several years before her death. Together, Vidalia and Eddy ran a local bar, which the sisters must decide whether to sell or keep.

As the series goes on, viewers learn that Vidalia had sent young Emma away because she found out that her daughter was attracted to other girls. Emma spends most of the series trying to work through her resentment for her mother and her betrayal, while free-spirited Lyn wanders around the old neighborhood to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend, who now has an angry baby mother.

During the final episode of the season, the women make a decision about their mother's bar.

"I wish we could do it right. But better," Emma said.

"Then why don't we?" Lyn responded.

And that's where Season 2 picks up. Based on the recently released trailer, the sisters are working to re-do the bar and turn it into a "swanky, Insta-famous lounge." The trailer also introduces Raúl Castillo as a handyman from the Eastside, who helps Emma in remodeling the bar. Roberta Colindrez also joins the cast as Nico. The show also stars Chelsea Rendon as Marisol Sanchez, Carlos Miranda as Johnny Sanchez, and Maria Elena Laas as Cruz. Recurring actors include Elena Campbell-Martínez as Doña Lupe, Ramses Jimenez as Tlaloc Medina, and Elizabeth De Razzo as Yoli.

Since its premiere, "Hispanic-household viewing of Vida has nearly tripled, growing by 171% to earn the series the largest Hispanic audience composition for premium series in 2018", Starz announced, according to a report from Deadline.

The second season of Vida premieres on May 26 with new episodes airing weekly. The entire second season will be available to stream on the Starz app beginning May 23. However, newcomers shouldn't hesitate to give the show a go for themselves -- Starz has also posted the first three episodes of Season 1 to its YouTube channel.