May 5, 2019
Donald Trump Spells Kentucky Wrong In Tweet Blaming Kentucky Derby Result On 'Political Correctness' Sunday

In perhaps the most controversial finish in the 145 runnings of the Kentucky Derby, the apparent winning horse — 4-1 favorite Maximum Security — ended up a loser on a disqualification, and Donald Trump was not happy about it. As The New York Post reported, Trump took to his Twitter account on Sunday morning to rage-tweet about the race. But he got one little detail wrong in his Twitter post.

Trump spelled the name of the state Kentucky incorrectly.

Despite the fact that in the 2016 election, Kentucky was one of the friendliest states for Trump, giving him 62.5 percent of its votes compared to just 32.7 percent for Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to Politico, Trump botched the spelling of the state's name, writing it as "Kentuky" in his angry tweet.

But the misspelling was far from the first time that Trump had committed an embarrassing spelling error on his Twitter account. In a 2018 Twitter post, he spelled the word "Corp" in "Marine Corp" as "Core." He also once misspelled the name of his own wife, Melania, in a Twitter message, calling her "Melanie."

In a December, 2018, Twitter post about the Russia collusion investigation, Trump declared that "Democrats" were unable to find a "smoking gun" — but he spelled the phrase "Smocking Gun," complete with inappropriate capitalization.

In his Sunday "Kentuky Derby" tweet, Trump also griped that the disqualification of the winning horse occurred due to "political correctness."

Trump deleted the tweet after approximately four hours, but it was preserved in a screen shot posted by other Twitter users.

Maximum Security was disqualified after race stewards reviewed video of the race, following complaints from two competing jockeys that the horse had bumped into their horses at around the quarter-pole mark, according to Sports Illustrated, in a race that took place on a muddy, rain-soaked Churchill Downs track in Louisville, Kentucky.

The winner's wreath then fell to Country House, a horse that ran at 65-1 odds, according to a USA Today account, the longest odds for a Kentucky Derby-winning horse since Donerail, who won the Derby in 1913 at 91-1 odds at post time.

Maximumm Secrity is led off the track.
Getty Images | Jamie Squire
Maximum Security, who finished first in the Kentucky Derby only to be disqualified for interference, is led off the Churchill Downs track on Saturday.

Trump called the "rough and tumble" race "a beautiful thing to watch," as The Washington Post reported.

Trump said that "such an overturn" was possible only "in these days of political correctness."

But Bill Mott, trainer of Country House, said that the foul committed by Maximum Security was severe enough that it caused a chain reaction on the track and effectively "eliminated all chance" for at least two other horses to contend in the race, according to a report by The Louisville Courier-Journal.