May 5, 2019
Instagram Model Rachel Bush, Wife Of NFL Player Jordan Poyer, Shows Off Tight Physique In Barely There Bikini

Rachel Bush can apparently give her husband a run for his money in the workout department.

The Instagram model, wife of NFL player Jordan Poyer, showed that the Buffalo Bills cornerback is not the only one with an amazing physique as she posted a picture of herself lounging in a skimpy bikini. In the Instagram photo shared early on Sunday, Bush lounged poolside in a peach bikini that put her tight abs on display.

The picture was a huge hit with her fans, garnering thousands of likes and a number of comments about her tight body.

"What a great view to wake up to," one person wrote.

"How are you so hot?!" another commented.

Bush has been steadily increasing her stature in a very crowded field of Instagram models vying for attention from fans and clicks. Bush recently topped the 1 million subscriber mark and has been getting plenty of attention from celebrity news sites for her viral snaps.

The 21-year-old model got a boost thanks to her relationship with Jordan Poyer, and for a little extracurricular interest outside of the relationship. Bush got some viral attention for a spat with a local college student who allegedly had an affair with Poyer, as the reported "other woman" shared some of their exchanges online.

All seems to be well between Bush and Poyer now, as Rachel frequently shares pictures of her travels to support her husband during the NFL season.

Bush even showed her team spirit for the Bills in the best way she knows how -- in a bikini. As the team's season drew to a close last year, Rachel shared a shot of herself wearing a red, white, and blue Bills bikini, as she posed outside in snowy and cold Buffalo.Though she may prefer the sun and warmth of Miami -- which is where Poyer played before the move to Buffalo -- Rachel said she has come to love her new home.

"The biggest difference has to be Buffalo is more of a family place, like a total change in atmosphere I feel," Rachel recently told "I love that about It out there. It's a nice break from the Miami life too. Buffalo is a complete football town too. They eat, breathe, and sleep football lol. I love that obviously because they make us feel like superstars when we are out there! Great people!"

Rachel Bush is a big fan of her Instagram followers as well, frequently interacting with then online.