May 5, 2019
Farrah Abraham Straddles Motorcycle In Booty Shorts And Skimpy Bra: 'Ride Like A Girl'

Farrah Abraham has been keeping busy lately!

While the reality star has shared a lot of clips of herself working on product promotions on her Instagram stories this week, she took to her account yesterday to share a few sexy snapshots of herself having fun at an Auto Show in Austin, Texas. In the first few videos, the former Teen Mom OG star gives fans a couple of looks at some of the vehicles that are featured at the event before putting on a sexy display outside.

In the next series of photos, the mother of one sits on a Can-Am 3 wheel motorcycle, striking a sexy pose for the camera. In the first photo, Abraham is all smiles as she straddles the bike in a sultry little outfit. Farrah shows off plenty of leg for the camera in the first photo and it almost appears as though she's pantless though she's actually rocking a pair of super short daisy dukes.

She pairs her hot little pants with a black and blue bra and a pair of strappy high heels. Of course, Abraham can also be seen rocking a face full of makeup as well as curled locks. She hash-tagged this particular snapshot "Ride Like a Girl." Another photo in the series shows the 27-year-old standing right by the bike, showing off her flawless figure in her sexy getup.

The television personality tagged Can Am in all of the photos, a company that is known for making the Spyder, which is a road-going motorcycle with 3 wheels. It is unclear if this was a paid promotion or if Farrah was just posing for fun but one thing is for sure — she looked to be having a blast in the photos.Abraham, who is known for keeping her name in the press, is not longer a member of the hit MTV series Teen Mom but that hasn't stopped her from weighing in on the show from time to time. Most recently, the brunette beauty commented on the drama that is currently playing out between Janelle Eason and her husband David Eason. Earlier today, The Inquisitr shared that Farrah spoke out against David, who allegedly shot their family dog.

"Killing a dog that did not have any child bleed or die, he should be facing jail time. That is animal abuse and [David] is mentally unstable," Abraham said. "I lost my dog last year and I can only imagine [what] the kids and Jenelle are going through. Very sad."

Following David's actions, MTV has lost a few major sponsorships as fans called for Jenelle to also be removed from the show.