Chanel West Coast Goes Braless Under Lacy Tank Top On Instagram

Chanel West Coast shared a series of new Instagram Stories, all of which gave her fans a closer look at her life. One of the photos was a selfie that she took in an outfit she wore on Ridiculousness. Chanel went braless and rocked a lacy pink tank top that was low cut. She accessorized with multiple necklaces, and noted that she's "Looking a lil tired but still cute." Her hair was on point, as she gelled it down with a side part and placed a large clip on the right side, which added a level of glam to her look.

Recently, she shared another outfit that she wore in late April. The Instagram photo showed her posing on the street in an eye-catching salmon pink or light orange crop top. It appeared to be made of spandex or some sort of athletic-inspired fabric, and it was long-sleeved with a high collar. The top fell above her belly button as she showed off her midriff, and she paired it with dark pants and sneakers. The sneakers were white, black and blue, with a light orange accent that matched her top. Chanel also accessorized with a black cross body purse with short straps that she slung over her shoulder. Plus, she sported oversized sunglasses.

And that's not to mention West Coast's update from three days ago, as she posed in an outfit with tons of color. She wore neon pink pants, black heels and a long sleeved sweater with white stripes along the arm. She wore a short wig, along with deep red lipstick.

In other news, the rapper opened up to The Fresh Committee about her recent musical projects.

"It's easier than worrying about what's being done… I tend to tell the directors what I want, what angles, lighting anyway, so that's why I wanted to take the lead on this one," noted Chanel, when speaking about a new music video that she worked on.

The rapper also opened up about her newer song, "The Middle," and why she chose to write it.

"I wanted to make a song that expressed my true inner feelings at the time. I'm very private and good at masking my sadness with a laugh. Wanted people to see that even people with money and nice things aren't always happy."
Of course, her highly recognizable laugh is on display when she appears on Ridiculousness. Although many of her TV fans don't realize she's a rapper, it seems that she's getting more exposure in recent years.