Adorable Viral Photo Shows New Mother Discovering Her Newborns Gender


With modern advances in medical science, expectant parents are not bound by waiting until their little one is born to learn whether their newborn is a boy or girl. This, however, is assuming the little bundle of joy shifts into a position that allows the technician to determine the gender during an ultrasound.

Unfortunately, ultrasounds and ultrasound technicians are not perfect. So, sometimes a mother gives birth to a baby believing the newborn is one gender only to shockingly discover that what she was told during an ultrasound was wrong.

According to Parents Magazine, that is just what happened to a mother named Nancy Ray.

Five days ago, the new mother took to her Instagram account to share a photo with her 32,000 followers. The post featured the new mom with her arms wrapped around her crying newborn who was resting on her chest.

The photographer managed to snap the photo while the new mother was in the middle of a shocked gasp with her eyes and mouth opened wide.

The adorable viral black and white photo is the moment Nancy – who believed she was giving birth to her third daughter – learned she had actually given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

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So apparently this photo is going a bit viral, but most don’t know the full story! So in case you missed it, here it is in a nutshell! April 14: Surprise! I’m pregnant! June 9: You’re having your third girl! We were gender surprised with our first two babies but my husband insisted to know if he was having three girls so he could mentally prepare haha! December 8: Snow and ice storm shuts down raleigh. I am positive I’ll give birth without electricity at home. Thankfully that did not happen. December 10: Baby girl is due December 12: I get the stomach bug all day & my husband is diagnosed with 2 strains of the flu that night (and let me just say puking while 40w2d pregnant is a unique kind of awful) December 13: I drive to the birth center with intense contractions with my mom at 11am and meet my hubby there (he spent the night at his moms because #flu). Two hours later, my baby was born with me halfway in the tub! 15 minutes later, we went to cut the chord and I said... “WHAT IS THAT?!? Is this a boy baby!!? Indeed, it was a boy! ???????? My husband @willrray quickly lifted his leg to check and then proceeded to literally fall on the floor. (The picture above is him checking!) I will forever advocate for birth photography because this is one of my very favorite photos of all time. Thank you @laurenjollyphoto !! ???? #beaufortandmama #beaufortraytoday Full blogpost is in a link in my profile with all the pics from that day!

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The sweet photograph was accompanied by a detailed caption featuring a breakdown of the timeline of her pregnancy. The timeline included dates and important moments leading up to the unexpected gender reveal.

The now-mother-of-three explained that they decided to be surprised by the gender of the first two children at birth. Her husband, however, insisted they find out the gender this time around. He admitted that he wanted time to “mentally prepare” for the reality of having three daughters at home.

The post goes on to share some brief details about the rest of the pregnancy before recalling the moment they found out their newest little princess was not a princess, but a prince.

Nancy revealed it wasn’t until she went to cut the cord that she realized the baby was a boy. Shocked and in disbelief, the photo was snapped at the exact time her husband lifted up the little one’s leg to confirm he was indeed a boy. According to Nancy, her husband fell to the floor shortly after the photo was snapped.

“I will forever advocate for birth photography because this is one of my very favorite photos of all time,” she added, as she is a photographer herself.

Posted five days ago, the candid shot has been showered with love and support from her followers accumulating over 8,600 likes and more than 350 comments.