Meghan Markle Reportedly Got In Trouble With The Queen Over Eggs Before The Royal Wedding

Chris JacksonGetty Images

There’s been rumblings about Meghan Markle reportedly scolding her staff around the time of the royal wedding, but until now, the details have been very fuzzy. Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed that the duchess supposedly got upset during a tasting for the wedding food, reported Fox News.

“[Meghan] got very upset when she felt that she could taste egg in a dish when she was told there was no egg in there, and she said, ‘No, I can taste it, I can taste there’s egg in this dish.'”

“I think there was a bit of an upset when suddenly the queen walked in because of course, this was Windsor Castle, this is her home. And she just quietly took Meghan to the side and said, ‘Meghan, in this family, we don’t speak to people like that,'” elaborated Nicholl.

Katie also noted that the point of the food that Meghan was tasting was for it to be a “macrobiotic alternative” for her Hollywood guests. The macrobiotic diet, according to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, could potentially have health benefits. It’s a way of eating that some people with chronic illnesses have found to be useful due to its supposed anti-inflammatory potential.

Not that eggs are really what’s on Meghan’s mind right now, or for most royal fans. The anticipation for the royal baby is increasing steadily, with plenty of rumors being thrown around about whether the baby has already been born or not.

But throughout Markle’s time with the royals so far, there’s been rumors about how her “Hollywood” ways are counter to the traditions at the palace. This included rumors that Meghan gets up at 5 a.m. and starts texting her staff, which is apparently very frowned upon.

Considering however, that the royal wedding is long over, it doesn’t seem that there’s going to be anything as stressful to instigate new problems. After all, the other supposed feud between Meghan and Kate has some of its roots in the time before the wedding, as Markle allegedly made Middleton cry during a bridesmaid dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.

But with all of the rumors, nothing is confirmed, and it’s unclear whether any of it is true. And since the baby is due any day now, there’s plenty of positive things to focus on when it comes to the royal family.

Hopefully fans will be hearing news of the new baby girl or boy in the coming days.