Carmella Rose Flaunts Curves In Strappy Bikini On Instagram

Carmella Rose is thinking about summer and shared a brand new bikini pic with her Instagram fans today. The photo featured the model rocking a strappy, purple swimsuit while walking along the edge of the ocean in a tropical paradise. Carmella faced the camera while wearing her hair down in a heavy right part and showed off her curves in an eye-catching ensemble. The top of the bikini had thin straps with two swatches of fabric that crossed in front of the other. Meanwhile, her bikini bottoms did just enough to cover her up, with two straps on the sides with ties. The post has received over 120,000 likes in just seven hours.

And while Rose tends to share her sexy side more often on social media, she also took the time to post a couple of funny photos too. The update, which comprised of two photos, showed the model meeting a giraffe. In the first photo, she stood as a giraffe appeared to be giving her a big kiss. And in the second photo, the giraffe pulled back and left a ton of saliva on the model's face. But even with the slobber, Carmella managed to look chic in a black tank top, pants, and a black purse that she clipped around her waist.

Prior to that, Rose shared a black and white portrait of herself. The Instagram photo was cropped to only show her face, as she wore her hair down with a left part. She smiled slightly for the camera and wore lipstick and mascara.

Rose previously spoke to Maxim about dating and one night stands and said the following about what turns her on the most about a man.

"When you can see the way a man feels about you through his motion [sic] and connection between each other just by looking at you with his eyes. No words cease to exist."
And Carmella also got candid about the advantages of one night stands and the potential freedom to recreate yourself for a short while.
"So you go out, often these nights begin with tequila shots and beer buckets. Which lower your level of shyness and increase your confidence to prowl. Once you find him, you are never going to see him again so might as well try that fake Australian accent you've been working on your whole life. It's the beginning of your nomination to win best actress."