Padma Lakshmi Goes Nude Under Sheer Scarf On Instagram

Padma Lakshmi is still on her A-game as a model and was recently featured on the cover of Vogue India, a notable feat. She shared a photo of the cover with her Instagram fans yesterday, and it was a stunning shot. The backdrop was a smoky blue textured wall, while she sat on an industrial wood bench. The model went nude for the photo but covered herself up with a sheer, peach-toned scarf with small embellishments throughout. Padma held up the scarf to her chest with her left hand, as she placed her right hand on top of the bench. Her right hand was visible while her left was not, and you could see a series of designs that were drawn on her hand, wrist, and fingers to mimic jewelry.

Since then, Lakshmi also revealed that she took photos for Travel & Leisure for another magazine feature. This time, Padma rocked a red leopard-print dress and stylish black boots with pointed toes. The dress had long sleeves and hugged her curves, and she posed in front of a cityscape filled with construction signs and smoke. She wore her hair down in a middle part and appeared to be mid-walk for the Instagram shot.

But that's not all, as Lakshmi also shared a photo of her outfit of the day three days ago. It featured a long-sleeved and high collared lace shirt, which she paired with dark denim. Padma posed in front of a tan wall and also soaked up the sun outdoors on a rooftop patio in the Instagram update.

The model opened up to Vogue India about how her ethnicity was perceived by the masses, not just in the United States but also in her home country.

"For so long, there weren't that many Indians working in the media. India is such a big country with so many customs, languages and religions that it's hard to say any one person or idea applies to all of us. But, thankfully, we are better represented now. There are more Indian faces in the mainstream, like Aziz Ansari, Hasan Minhaj and Mindy Kaling. I feel a lot less lonely."
"I never quite felt at ease with being that rare representative of Indian womanhood or culture because I didn't myself know how to be that, or what exactly that even was," admitted Padma.

The powerhouse model, TV personality, and writer was a huge breakout star from India when she started out her career in the States. In recent years, she's most known for her role as host of the popular show, Top Chef.