Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Cleavage In Revealing White Dress On Instagram

Lindsey Pelas is not shy about showing off her figure on Instagram, and her newest post showed her doing just that in a chic dress. The social media star wore a long-sleeved white dress that had very long sleeves, so much so that her hands were hidden in the photo. The rest of the outfit was hardly conservative, however, as it featured a majorly deep neckline that flaunted her cleavage. Her hair was worn down in loose curls, as she parted it on the side. Her makeup included a very prominent pink lip, along with heavy mascara. She didn't wear any jewelry to distract from the outfit. So far, fans are loving the update, with over 10,000 likes in the past 25 minutes.

And a couple of days ago, Lindsey shared an Instagram selfie that received over 98,000 likes. It showed her wearing a blue bikini top, as she puckered her lips while wearing light pink lipstick. Her makeup also included heavy mascara and pink eyeshadow, and she played with her hair with her right hand. The small bikini left little to the imagination, as she sat in the sunlight for the shot.

But that's not all, as she also showed off her derrière three days ago for a promotional Instagram post. Pelas' hair appeared almost white in the photo, which could be due to a filter or simply the lighting. She wore an incredibly small and tight pair of bottoms, along with a peach-colored mesh top over a white sports bra.

While Lindsey has embraced her figure and her sexuality, she opened up to Cosmopolitan about some of her prior struggles.
"I first realized that I was sexy when I was around 14. My boobs were big, but I didn't know they were big until I got a reaction from the boys."
It turned out that the boys or men weren't necessarily respectful either.
"I felt like people didn't understand me. One time, when I was 18, I went to a wedding. I thought I had the cutest dress on, it was a lace baby doll. A guy I didn't know came up and took a picture of me. I asked, 'What are you doing, taking this picture of me?' And he said, 'Well, you wore that.' It really hurt my feelings."
Of course, being an Instagram celebrity, Lindsey likely has to deal with derogatory and unwanted comments from time to time. Luckily, it looks like she's cultivated a loyal following that sends her tons of love every time she posts a new photo.