Hannah Palmer Exposes Her Chest & Pulls Down Her Swimsuit In New Instagram Pic

Hannah Palmer is no stranger to risqué Instagram posts, and her newest update is no different. The model posed while sitting on her knees against a wooden backdrop. She wore a neon yellow one-piece swimsuit that appeared to be made up of a series of strings. In the first photo of the series, Hannah pulled down the right side of her swimsuit and censored her chest with her left hand. She looked over her right shoulder at the camera to give a sultry look and wore her hair down in a heavy right part. Her makeup appeared to be very natural looking.

The second photo in the series was just as provocative as the first, as Hannah posed standing up this time. The camera angle was low to the ground, and the model posed with her back angled in such a way to show off her derrière and chest at the same time. She tugged at the swimsuit with her hands and smiled slightly while the wind blew her hair.

But that's not all, as she shared another series of Instagram photos several days ago that showed her posing in front of a pool. This time, she wore a white swimsuit that was arguably too small at the top, as it barely covered her curves. It also had a tie accent around her waist, and Palmer looked chic with red lipstick. She wore her hair down and played with it in the second photo.

Palmer previously competed in the Maxim Covergirl competition. She placed 34th in the Southwest Group Ten and submitted a series of amazing swimsuit pics for the occasion. And while she didn't win, she has plenty to be excited about with over 644,000 followers on Instagram. It appears that many of the photos that were used for the competition were also featured on her Instagram.

At the time, Palmer opened up about what she would do with the winnings, should she be the lucky one.

"My dream is to open up my own business in the beauty industry that helps homeless women and women in shelters feel beautiful again! Ever since I read an article about an esthetician using her days off to go and glam up the women at a shelter, I've always wanted to do the same. Seeing somebody feel beautiful and confident again when the world keeps knocking them down is just so empowering. As women I think this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give each other!"