Ashley Graham Flaunts Bountiful Curves In Glossy Leggings & Tank Top On Instagram

Ashley Graham has always been more than open about her fitness regimen and workout routine. The bodacious plus-size model often documents her intense workout sessions on social media and never shies away from candidly opening up about the grueling aspects of sweating it in the gym.

For instance, earlier this week, Ashley shared a revealing video captured during one of her workouts, in which she unabashedly talks about her buxom curves getting in the way of her exercising. The short clip, which she posted to Instagram on Wednesday, showed Ashley doing a series of glute bridges with a weighted overhead reach, as noted by Health.

Clad in a pair of skintight glossy leggings, ones sporting an eye-catching pink color, the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model nearly busted out of a curve-clinging light-gray tank top, all the while flashing a glimpse of the dark-grey sports bra she wore underneath. As she openly remarked on her cleavage "meeting" her chin during the strong workout session, Ashley gave fans a generous view of her ample décolletage.

Similar to many of her previous workout videos, Ashley was no afraid to show the difficult parts of exercising and was clearly feeling the grind as she worked on her beautiful figure while drenched in glistening beads of sweat.

"I have never let my body come in the way of training and training hard. Boobs, butt, tummy – nothing stops me from moving my body and taking control of my health!" she captioned her Instagram post.

On Saturday, the 31-year-old stunner slipped into another pair of glossy leggings for her latest Instagram update. This time around, Ashley showed off her curves in sleek black leggings and a gray tank top, showcasing a bit of cleavage in another sexy, workout pic.

As she noted in the photo caption, Ashley posed for the alluring snap to spread the word about her new partnership with OLLY Nutrition, a premium wellbeing business in the vitamins, minerals, and supplements category. The gorgeous Addition Elle lingerie model took this opportunity to promote one of the gummy vitamin products sold by the U.S.-based wellness company, which she confessed to using regularly since last year whenever she needs to perk up and give herself a boost of energy.

Photographed next to a green punching bag, Ashley cut a fierce figure in her casual, form-fitting outfit as she held onto a pair of green boxing gloves while showcasing the green case of gummy vitamins.

"They're caffeine free [sic] and release a steady energy instead of a shot of energy like coffee. Cause you guys know I can't afford that crash feeling mid day [sic]," the curvaceous model wrote in the photo caption.

This is not the first time that Ashley has given her 8.4 million Instagram followers an intimate glimpse into her fitness regimen. Last month, the voluptuous swimwear and lingerie model wowed her fans with a collection of jaw-dropping workout videos in which she paraded her killer curves while dangling from a silky hammock and gracefully gliding through the air during a steamy aerial yoga class, as reported by The Inquisitr at the time.