Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lucy Sees A ‘Disturbance In The Force’

Michael YadaABC Press

Monday’s General Hospital may have a few surprises in store for Lucy Coe. She has been busy putting the finishing touches on this year’s Nurses Ball, but there will be something, or someone, who catches her eye. She is about to find out what is happening between her ex, Kevin Collins, and bad girl Ava Jerome.

A new preview clip that has been posted on the official General Hospital site reveals that Kevin and Ava’s plan to lure Ryan Chamberlain out of hiding is moving forward. Their newfound relationship has gone public and Lucy isn’t liking what she will see on Monday’s episode. She and Scott are seen sitting together at the MetroCourt when Kevin and Ava walk in. This has caught Lucy’s full attention.

Scott has his back to them, so he doesn’t see what’s going on behind him. Lucy does see, and she isn’t happy about it. Scott wonders what is up as he asks her if there is “some sort of disturbance in the force.” There sure is and her name is Ava Jerome.

Scott says that he has no clue what is going on with Kevin and Ava, but Lucy tells him that she is going to get him one. She runs over to where they are sitting and starts quizzing them. She then has a suggestion that maybe Scott and Ava should go to the Nurses Ball together since they have become so close. Scott’s description of their closeness is compared to “liver and onions,” but that doesn’t stop Lucy. She wants to get Ava away from Kevin and will use Scott to do it.

However, that isn’t going to happen as Kevin tells the twosome that he and Ava are going to the Nurses Ball together. Lucy was surprised, but Scott looked even more shocked.

Scott may just figure out what is really going on with them. He knows that Ava was looking for a fake boyfriend when she asked him to do it to help her lure Ryan back to Port Charles. He refused. Now this quickie coupling with Kevin could raise his suspicions on what is happening.

There is a General Hospital spoiler that says Scott and Lucy will be repeating history. Does that mean they hook up again? Or will they get themselves into trouble? Viewers will soon find out.

Tune in on Monday to see the amusing banter between Lucy, Scott, Kevin, and Ava. Lucy’s reaction is sure to be priceless.