Natalie Roser Rocks Nude-Toned Thongs & Makes Instagram Fans Do A Double Take

Natalie Roser has been on fire lately, sharing provocative photos with her Instagram fans. One of her newer posts had people doing a double take, however, and it's no wonder. The photo showed Natalie posing at the beach in a white top and nude-toned bottoms. The bottoms were so well-matched to her skin tone that at first glance, it appeared like she had decided to go without bottoms. The top was white and off-the-shoulder, with ruffle accents along the top edges. It was cropped and well-formed to her curves. The model stood in front of an impressive rock formation and wore her hair up in a messy bun. She looked down to the ground and placed her right hand on her head for the photo.

And while many of her newer posts show her in swimwear or lingerie, which is fairly normal for Roser, she's also shared other more casual photos too. In one Instagram update from five days ago, she flashed her highly recognizable smile while enjoying the outdoors.

The post was comprised of two photos, the first of which showed her smiling with the wind blowing her hair all over the place. The second post showed Natalie posing with small, yellow flowers in her hands. She leaned against a light rock formation in the image, and there were tons of tiny red flowers visible in the backdrop. She wore a body-tight olive green top with mesh accents on the shoulders, arms, and on the sides. It was fairly short, leaving a part of her midriff bare, and she appeared to be wearing a pair of black leggings to match.

The model is known for her positive attitude and infectious smile, and Rosie McKay, who worked with her, opened up to Husskie about what it's really like to be on a photoshoot with Roser.
"From the first time I met Natalie, I was drawn to her warmth and down-to-earth attitude. She laughs easily, talks openly, and is good to be around. I think it's important to work with people who make you feel good and bring out the best in you. On the day, she was so on board with the shoot vision and really brought her A-game. I think the shots speak for themselves!"
"I had been wanting to work with Natalie for a long time! Monika Radulovic introduced us," noted Rosie, when asked about how she came to choose Natalie for the shoot.