Emily Ratajkowski Strikes A Sexy Pose On The Kitchen Counter

Emily Ratajkowski has been busy promoting the newest releases for her Inamorata Woman Body line, and that means that she's been sharing some provocative Instagram updates with her fans, including one where she struck a sexy pose on a kitchen counter.

In the photo, Emily can be seen in a matching red ensemble that includes a sports bra and latex skirt. The skirt fell right below her knees, and she accessorized with a pair of strappy white sandals. The model wore her hair down in a heavy right part and laid on top of a white kitchen counter. She positioned herself in such a way as to accentuate her derrière for the photo and propped herself up with her elbows. She looked over her right shoulder and gave a sultry look.

This photo has been released in a series of other posts, which included a photo of her in a similar outfit, which was styled blue. The Instagram photo showed Emily outdoors, as she leaned against a stone fountain in front of a white building. In the foreground, you see bits of a green-leafed plant, while Ratajkowski looked great in a two-piece outfit. The top was a halter-style crop bra, along with a long blue skirt that hugged her curves. She wore a bold silver necklace that elevated her look from an informal one to something more sophisticated, and she allowed her hair to fall in front of her face.

Ratajkowski previously opened up to Glamour Magazine about her ideas on feminism, a topic that she has been outspoken on for the past few years.
"I could have been like, 'I'll never post a sexy selfie again because I want people to take me seriously as an actress,' or I could have said, 'I'll never talk on political issues because I want people to see me as this sex symbol,' or whatever."
Whatever the backlash or criticism, Emily has appeared to stay true to herself and hasn't allowed any body-shamers to change her choices.
"We are constantly feeling the fact that our culture tries to box women into specific categories. Of course, all of us have to deal with stereotypes, men included, but I think women have it so much worse."
With over 22.5 million followers, the model knows that she has some sway.

"I feel that if you have a lot of followers, it's a way of casting your vote..." she explained.