Florida Man Andrew Celaius Wore Werewolf Mask As He Tortured Toddler By Burning And Beating Her, Police Say

Escambia County Sheriff's Office

Florida man Andrew Celaius put on a werewolf mask as he tortured a 2-year-old girl by burning her, shooting her with a pellet gun, and striking her with a bottle filled with milk, police say.

Police in Pensacola arrested the 37-year-old man this week for a series of abuses against the toddler, KOLO reported. The girl’s mother, Maranda Lyn Mixson, brought the toddler to the hospital thinking that the girl had been suffering from ringworm, but doctors determined that she had actually suffered burns to her skin.

Hospital officials then alerted the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department, which launched a child abuse investigation, which led to the discovery of a host of other abuses that the young girl suffered. As WEAR-TV reported, investigators found a number of injuries across the young girl’s body.

“A doctor stated while examining the child, she noticed bruising on the child’s stomach, back, arms, elbows, and legs, the report states. There was also a large bruise on the child’s forehead, it adds,” the WEAR-TV report noted.

Police said most of the abuse came from Andrew Bennett Ross Celaius, who they said would throw full bottles of milk at the girl as she slept, causing her to awake crying. Celaius also fired a pellet gun at the girl while she slept, “for no other reason but to wake the child up and to hurt the child.”

He also used a shock collar on the girl and burned her skin with a torch, police said. To make the abuse even more terrifying, Celauis would don a werewolf mask to frighten the girl while he abused her, police added.

Mixson was also arrested and faces charges of child neglect, WEAR-TV reported, but investigators have since said they do not believe she had any knowledge of her daughter’s abuse.

“The mother began to notice marks on the child and she didn’t know what the marks were about,” Sheriff David Morgan said. “The mother did take the child for medical treatment.”

Andrew Celauis was taken into custody, and police said he was found hanging from a rope in his cell in an attempted suicide. Before doing so, police said he directed another man, 36-year-old Eric Everett Furnans, to destroy cell phones that contained images of the alleged abuse. Fernans has been arrested as well.

Celauis survived the suicide attempt, and remains in police custody on charges of aggravated child abuse, child abuse, violating probation, possession of a weapon, and several drug charges.

Andrew Celauis had been charged in 2006 with the murder of 2-year-old Kyler Janes, who died after being hospitalized with bruises covering his body and bleeding in his brain. Celauis was acquitted.