Kaley Cuoco Flaunts Flawless Decolletage In Little Black Dress, Flashes Cute Smile At The Camera

Actress Kaley Cuoco may be seeing more spotlight than ever as she heads into the series finale of The Big Bang Theory, but the Penny-portraying actress certainly doesn't seem to be all that glum about the prospect. In a recent picture she shared to popular social media platform Instagram, the blond bombshell showed a certain joie de vivre as she struck a candid yet playful pose.

In this particular image, Kaley can be seen seated in a low-slung designer chair. The entire photo is presented through a monochromatic filter, making every bit of contrast immediately pop. Wearing an elegant little black dress, the Big Bang Theory actress puts her shoulders, arms, and neckline front and center, showcasing her flawless complexion and decolletage. Propping her head up with her left hand, Kaley shoots a coy look at a point beyond the photographic frame -- smiling with both her eyes and her lips. The slightest hint of a dimple can be seen gracing the side of her lips, and her cheekbones are also emphasized.

Kaley's long, slender legs are also showcased by both the dress and her choice of pose. Her feet are thrust into a pair of high heels in a matching pitch-black shade. The heel itself appears quite eccentric, looking to be ribbed and tubular rather than a traditional stiletto heel.

In the caption attached to the black-and-white photo, Kaley gave a quick shout out to Haute Living magazine. Letting her natural beauty and understated charm speak for her, it seems that her fans were equally taken with the composition. Over 27,000 Instagram users left a like in response to Kaley's most recent share, and 150-plus users took the time to leave a personalized comment in the appropriate section.

"Beautiful woman! [heart-eyed emoji] So much love from Russia," one admirer gushed, offering Kaley some well-wishes.

"Simple but classic," a second supporter on social media remarked, capping off their comment with a pair of romantic emoji.

"I just adore the living crap out of you!" a third fan admitted, adding a shining heart emoji for emphasis.

With the show that made Kaley Cuoco a household name coming to a close in a few weeks, she is now looking to the future. As was detailed by Digital Spy, it turns out that fans of The Big Bang Theory may actually be right to hold out hope for a Penny-centric spin-off, as it remains a distant possibility. When asked about the possibility of a show focused on her character of Penny, Cuoco was quick to reply.

"So if Chuck [Lorre] came and said let's do it, I'd say yes. Other than that, I don't see a spin-off for myself. But I don't like to say no to Chuck. So if he wanted it, I'm in."

No word yet on if Chuck Lorre's social media accounts have been flooded with fan requests.