Buxom Bikini Model Lindsey Pelas Boasts Massive, Unmatched Cleavage In Latest Instagram Snap

While Lindsey Pelas may be best known for her work with Playboy, the blond bombshell has also managed to cultivate an enormous army of fans on popular social media platform Instagram. Having managed to amass nearly 9 million followers on the photo and video sharing service, Lindsey certainly seems to know exactly what it takes to drive traffic -- and to drive her admirers wild with desire.

In the latest image shared to her Instagram feed, the stunner can be seen in a very close crop, the sun casting its bright rays all over her body. Her iconic shocked blond tresses are styled in loose, beach-babe waves -- and Lindsey even raises her right hand to play with some of her locks, tying them into what appears to be an impromptu topknot. Her makeup look is refined and perfectly on point, emerald green eyes framed by long, luxurious lashes and expertly plucked brows. A bit of bronzer helps to complement her natural tan, a bit of blush brings out her delicate cheekbones, and her plump pout is painted a pretty pink shade.

The focus of the snapshot almost certainly lies in the lowest quadrant of the photographic frame, however. Lindsay Pelas puts her deep cleavage on full display in a plunging blue bikini top, her flawless decolletage being offered up to the camera lens.

In the caption attached to the racy image, Lindsey simply made a few brief remarks, apparently preferring to let her busty display convey the message she'd intended for her fans. Her admirers certainly seemed to latch onto the share, quickly rewarding it with nearly 100,000 likes and 1,700-plus comments.

"I'm going to have sweet dreams now," one fan wrote, capping off their comment with a trio of heart-eyed emoji.

"Eyes that would melt butter Lindsey," a second supporter on social media remarked, adding a rose emoji and a kiss emoji for further emphasis.

"Know what they say about green eyed ladies," one admirer cryptically quipped.

Lindsey Pelas has been making headlines most recently for an interview she conducted with Haute Living. Elaborating on many subjects backgrounding her life and career moves, the buxom American model made it clear that she has only just begun to achieve her dreams. She shared her secret to success with the lifestyle magazine.
"Be authentic. People like authenticity. Keep your brands selective. I can go three days without posting a photo. I look at the big picture and like to create a bit of mystery."
Set to be part of a plant-based restaurant project backed by an all-female crew, the future certainly looks exciting for the former Playboy beauty.