Justin Bieber Goes On Bizarre Instagram Rant In Defense Of Chris Brown

Chelsea LaurenGetty Images

“Sorry” singer Justin Bieber took to Instagram to express his love for Chris Brown, and to seemingly defend the singer, in what appears to be an unprompted post. Bieber shared a photo collage of Michael Jackson, Tupac, and the “Wobble Up” singer, and compared Brown to the two deceased performers in the lengthy social media tribute.

Bieber told his fans that one day people will feel they’ve made a “mistake” for overlooking Brown’s talents. He said that folks tend to wait until someone has passed away to praise them for their hard work, and he added that when Brown lives a “long full life,” people will look back on his career and realize they’ve made a mistake in not praising his music or performing talents because of a “mistake” he once made.

The mistake Bieber is referring to, of course, is the brutal abuse of Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009. As Us Weekly shared, Brown physically assaulted the singer after the 31st Grammy Awards, and plead guilty to the charges against him, which included one count of felony assault. He served five years of probation for the crime and was also tasked with attending domestic abuse counseling and serving time through community service.

Karrueche Tran, who briefly dated Brown, took a five-year restraining order out against him after he allegedly threatened to kill her. And back in January, Brown was held in Paris after he was accused of raping a woman while he was visiting the country. Bieber spoke out in defense of Brown after that alleged incident, as well.

Brown took to Bieber’s latest Instagram shoutout to thank the singer for standing up for and believing in him. He called Bieber a “king,” and said that his heart is unmatched while adding that he will stand by Bieber until “the wheels fall off,” and when they do, the duo will “get new wheels.”

Both Nick Cannon and Shawn Kingston jumped into the comments section of Bieber’s post to commend Brown and back up Bieber’s recent defense of him. Cannon referred to Brown as his “little bro” and Kingston added that Brown is a “legend.” Marlon Wayans chimed in as well and tasked folks to “celebrate the legends while they’re still breathing,” and added, “let’s get back to love.”

Many fans of Bieber’s weren’t happy with the shoutout, and several expressed their disappointment with not only Bieber for posting praise for Brown and calling the several accounts of abuse against him a “mistake,” but at the celebrities who backed up Bieber’s statements as well.