Paris Hilton Goes Braless Beneath An Open Robe On Set Of Her ‘Best Friend’s Ass’ Music Video

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been making headlines for years, having risen to fame via a leaked sex tape which spurred a long-running reality television career. Now, as then, Paris Hilton continues to dominate the news for her world-famous attitude, commitment to fashion, and natural beauty.

In a very recent video which the celebrity stunner posted to her Instagram account, Paris can be seen striking a coy, coquettish pose in what appears to be a wardrobe room. Backgrounded by flashy outfits of all size and description, the blond bombshell adopts a breathy expression as she gazes dreamily beyond the camera. The focus lies almost entirely on her prominent cleavage, however, her perfectly flawless decolletage offered up via an open robe. Her iconic shocked platinum blond locks are styled in an elegant middle part, her long wavy tresses cascading down over her shoulders to frame her chest.

Paris Hilton accessorized her dressing room look with picture-perfect makeup. Her heavy-lidded eyes were framed by a bit of smoky eyeliner, long, luxurious lashes, and expertly shaped brows. A hint of blush graced the reality TV starlet’s cheeks, and her iconic pout was painted a soft nude shade. A layer of sparkles was added, apparently by a filter, to create the short video clip.

In the very brief caption attached to the clip, Paris made her location clear. She added a pair of cheeky emojis to the caption for fun. Quite content to let her plunging neckline convey the message to her legions of devotees, it seems that they were just as hype as she was. Over 42,000 Paris Hilton fans left a like in response to the sparkling bit of footage, and nearly 1,000 Instagram users took the time to leave a personalized comment in the appropriate section, most of these being complimentary.

“You are… YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON THE PLANET!” one fan gushed, resorting to all caps to make their point plain.

“Gorgeous,” fellow actress and reality TV starlet Lisa Rinna remarked, adding a sparkling heart emoji for emphasis.

Paris Hilton is not the only world-famous celebrity to be included in the passion project that is “Best Friend’s Ass.” One-time foe Kim Kardashian is also working with Paris on the music video, per TMZ. The final product is heavily anticipated, and fans of both Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian seem to be quite keen to see what these two ladies — and their respective entourages — can come up with.