'Avengers: Endgame' Has Impressive $40 Million Friday, Projected To Have Biggest Second Weekend Ever

The records continue to roll in for Avengers: Endgame, which is on track to become the highest grossing movie of all-time. Box Office Mojo is reporting the superhero flick brought in an impressive $40.6 million for its second Friday and is now projected to earn between $150 and $153 million for its sophomore weekend.

The $40.6 million has pushed Endgame's domestic total past $500 million, with the film currently sitting at $515 million in the United States. That would put the projections for the movie's overall domestic total at around $625 million by the end of Sunday.

Box Office Mojo is also noting that Endgame is still performing well overseas, bringing in $88.2 million for Friday. The worldwide total for Endgame currently sits at $1.914 billion, meaning the film will surely pass $2 billion by the time Saturday is up.

If the $150 million projections hold true, Endgame will dethrone Star Wars: The Force Awakens to have the second biggest box office weekend of all time. The Force Awakens earned an impressive $149 million in its second weekend back in 2015. It will definitely be a tight race, but if last weekend's numbers are any indication, Endgame should have no problem toppling over the seventh Star Wars film. The fourth Avengers film completely destroyed its original projections for opening weekend, and it could follow suit come Sunday night.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Endgame might catch up to Avatar, the current record holder for the highest-grossing movie of all time, in just a matter of weeks. The James Cameron film currently sits at No. 1 with $2.7 billion, a record it has held for over a decade.

Endgame's $1.914 billion total currently has it sitting as the fifth highest grossing film of all time. The movie falls behind Avatar($2.788 billion), Titanic($2.187 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens($2.068 billion) and its MCU predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War($2.048 billion). By the time the weekend is up, Endgame could very well be sitting in the No. 2 spot if box office trends continue.

Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo recently shared their excitement for the stellar box office numbers on Twitter with their followers, thanking everyone for their support.

"We want to thank everyone who's been on this journey with us. We grew up in a big, loving family where stories were told at the dinner table to entertain each other. We now get to tell those stories to the world. All because of you... With much love and respect... The RB's"
If Endgame does, in fact, beat Avatar and become the highest-grossing movie all time, fans should expect a big thank you from the directors.

Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters everywhere.