'Playmate Of The Year' Sara Underwood Spreads Her Legs, Spills Out Of Almost Invisible Lace Lingerie

While Sara Underwood may be looking at her years as a Playboy model in the rear-view mirror -- having been dubbed "Playmate of the Year" in 2007 -- it seems that she has only grown more popular in the intervening years. Boasting an enormous Instagram following of 9.2 million individual users, it seems quite evident that the blonde bombshell has become something of a social media staple as of late.

In a recent image which Sara posted to Instagram, the former Playboy model can be seen reclining on a sofa, clad in a lingerie set which leaves very little to the imagination. The light-pink lingerie set is very revealing, making the model's ample cleavage and flat stomach a distinct area of audience focus. Spreading her legs and propping a foot up against the fabric of the small sofa, Sara seems unafraid to show off her toned thighs and shapely stems.

Sara Underwood sports a sultry makeup look in this snapshot, tilting her head to the side in a coy, coquettish pose. Her pouty lips are painted a glossy and attractive fuchsia, and her gorgeous eyes are framed by perfectly shaped brows and long, luxurious lashes. She is backgrounded by a pile of books, some lit candles, and the rustic wooden planks comprising her new cottage. Meanwhile, Sara sees a chessboard, a bottle of wine, and two partially-filled wine glasses in the foreground.

In the caption attached to the sizzling snap, Sara gave a shout out to style label Fashion Nova and let her fans know that this was an advertorial post. Saying little else, seemingly comfortable with letting her enviable body do the talking for her, Sara saw a huge response to her risque share. Over 200,000 Instagram fans left a like on the sexy image, while nearly 1,500 followers took the time to leave a comment in the appropriate section.

"Giiiirl [sic] you're so hot you're gonna start a forest fire!" one admirer gushed, capping off their comment with a duo of romantic emoji.

"Idk how to play chess but I know this is a checkmate move," a second supporter on social media remarked, adding a pair of flame emoji at the tail end of their quip.

"What is your favourite board game you and Jacob like playing?" a third fan asked, to which Sara replied to say "Cribbage!"

Sara Underwood and her boyfriend -- and photographer -- Jacob Witzling seem to have fallen completely in love with their new cabin, spending a great deal of time there. Their army of admirers love to see each and every update that they share to social media, and can't wait to see what might come next.