Arianny Celeste Shows Off Cleavage And Underboob In Sizzling Hot Pink Bikini On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Arianny Celeste turned up the heat on her Instagram page when she posted a photo of herself wearing a bright pink bikini that showed off both cleavage and underboob. She accessorized her look with a trendy visor, simple gold bracelets and what looks like a cocktail in her right hand. The swimsuit is from Fashion Nova and the post is an ad for the brand, she revealed in the caption.

As expected, lots of her followers gushed over the photo in the comments section.

“Always looking amazing,” one fan wrote.

Another infatuated follower commented, “Oh wow you look gorgeous and beautiful in your favorite color pink bikini.”

Pink does appear to be Arianny’s favorite color; she wore a baby pink bikini, in a previous Instagram video.

“Like Barbie, but better,” she wrote in the caption of that post.

Arianny is an octagon girl for the UFC, a job that she’s had since 2006, 411 Mania notes. But even though she doesn’t fight, it’s clear from her photos on Instagram that physical fitness is an important part of her life.

I do kickboxing and boxing just for fun,” she said in an interview with 411. “They are two of the most fun workouts ever – and not just the cardio, adding weights into it provides an all over amazing workout and it goes by superfast. It’s also therapeutic – a great way to blow off steam, which comes in handy with exes (ha!)”

But while she spoke positively about her time with the UFC, her career hasn’t been without controversy. As Bleacher Report noted in 2015, she and Ronda Rousey — one of the UFC’s biggest fighters at the time — seemed to be at odds. Before her departure from MMA fighting, Ronda complained that some female fighters were getting paid less than ring girls and suggested that their salaries might be too high. So Arianny spoke up for her profession on Twitter and advised her not to make assumptions about people.

According to Bleacher Report, this isn’t the only example of friction between Ronda and Arianny. She sent a jab Arianna’s way in a 2012 Maxim interview when she said that it would have been “funny” if the magazine had ranked her hotness higher than the ring girl’s.

“It would have been really funny if I’d beaten Arianny Celeste… Like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s your job to show your t—ies—I do that better than you,'” Ronda said.

Ronda Rousey has left the UFC after a string of defeats, while Arianny is still a part of the organization, so she must be doing something right.